Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm getting set apart tonight at 7.

I am so ready for this.

I don't mean ready as in prepared and I've got everything under control, but ready as in, this is the time.

I love the gospel. This is what I've been waiting for.


Heidi said...

You're going to be awesome!!! :)

DeweyOlsen said...

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MormonsMadeSimple said...

Hi Brittany
I stumbled across your blog on LDS BLOGS. I thought you might be interested in a site my wife and I just built called, which uses simple, explanatory videos to explain the Mormon faith. Feel free to feature any of these videos on your blog, or just share them with non-member friends. We're hoping these videos will be missionary tools to help members share their beliefs. Anyway, sorry to spam your comments section. I couldn't find any contact information for you on your blog.

- Doug & Laurel

Elder Blain and Sister Blain said...

You don't know me, but I found you on Whit's blog and I love your blog. I'm a senior sister leaving on a mission with my husband to England Manchester mission. We'll be in the MTC when you are 'cause we're going on Feb. 8th!

We are set apart this Sunday. Such a very special moment.

This is our second mission. I spent the first six months being terrified half the time. It wasn't worth the sweat and anxiety. Everyone kept saying, "Forget yourself." I loved your comment about it not being your mission, but the Lord's. Exactly right! He IS there for you. I cannot begin to tell you of the miracles we experienced and witnessed. Savor every moment--the trials, disappointments, success, and joy--the highs and the lows. In the end, it is the greatest growing experience that you will treasure forever. I wouldn't trade any of it (even the really, really hard days) for anything. That's why I'm going again!! Yes, I AM nervous like before, but not as much. It must be the fear of the unknown and being out of one's comfort zone. LOL! Best of everything to you. You'll be SO blessed!
I'm at

Elder Blain and Sister Blain said...

Sorry for commenting on your post since it is an old one. I didn't look at the date! Just erase my comment, okay? Hope all is well and your mission is FANTASTIC!